Playing Handicap Change

The Interpretation of how the Handicap Index will be used, appears to have been left very much to the governing golf associations. Golf Australia may use the Course Rating minus the Par; whereas England Golf, Scottish Golf and Golf Ireland (GB&I) clearly will not, electing to use the Slope only option.

As golf in Thailand is enjoyed by many different nationalities, the PSC’s first dilemma was which Playing Handicap system to adopt. The answer was to give everyone a choice. As a PSC member you can now elect to use either of the two Playing Handicap calculations, either the Full WHS (Course Rating minus Par) or the Slope only option. As a further choice. you can even elect to play using your Index only. The choice is yours or your Member Group’s Organiser’s.

Players Responsibilities

A player is expected to:

  • Act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain from using, or circumventing, the Rules of Handicapping for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage,

  • Attempt to make the best score possible at each hole.

  • Submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after the round is completed and before midday the following day.

  • Submit acceptable scores to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability,

  • Play by the Rules of Golf, and

  • Certify the scores of fellow players.

The PSC Handicap Committee

  • The member groups are affiliated to the PSC and are responsible for ensuring the Handicap Index of those members play with their chosen group is administered in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of Handicapping.

  • A Handicap Committee is to be re-established by the PSC and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the member group’s specified obligations and responsibilities under the Rules of Handicapping.