Pattaya Sports Club and Rotarians renovate Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center

With the help of members Todd and Nok Givens, PSC members and the co-operation of the management of Rolling Hills the PSC was able to conduct a very successful charity tournament.

The PSC approached the Rotary Club of Jomtien Pattaya who gave a generous donation which enabled much needed work to be done at the Anti Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre.

Full coverage courtesy of the Pattaya Mail...

Renovation and Remedial work able to be completed included:

  • Metal Clothes Racks.
  • Re – Furbish toilet.
  • Concrete floor and washing sinks.
  • Stair case and new flooring for under cover play area.
  • Lay pipe and cover open drain.
  • New Lighting for Futsal court.
  • New concrete between edge of futsal course and fence.

Kru Ja... The manager at Protection against Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre have used the money carefully for the place and devised money into four categories.

1. 1000 of mushroom spawn. The Mush room is part of the place it is use every day in the kitchen cooking for those children that live at the place and it help bring extra income into the place... sale mushroom to the local every day.

2. New Roof. a new shelter and a new roof give an extra sleeping place for all the children at they are a great demand more and more children are seeking sanctuary from the place.

3. Locker Cupboard for and individual kid safe place to keep their belonging.

4. New Chairs, few extra chairs for an office and the place

A big thank you from Kru Ja to PSC for our kindness and support through out the year and many years in the part.

Report by Noi Emmerson.

Pattaya Sports Club donates printer to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center

Khru Ja, Stan Rees, Nigel Cannon and Tim Knight are surrounded by the children happy with their new printer.

At the invitation of Senior Advisor Nigel Cannon, Social Chairman Stan Rees and I visited Palisorn Noja (Khru Ja) at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center to see if the Pattaya Sports Club could assist them with food donations and any other needs.

Khru Ja told us he had many generous food donors but with the 42 children needing to be home schooled at present he really needed a printer.

Stan Rees very generously offered to donate one of his and on behalf of the PSC.

On May 30, Stan Rees, Nigel Cannon and myself took the printer and a Thai computer expert to set it up for the children.

Thank you Stan Rees for your generosity and our heartfelt gratitude to Nigel Cannon for his continuous donation of food.

PSC donate 131,000 baht to Protection Against Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre.