PSC Continues To Help The Needy

Towards the end of May some 100 meals were delivered on the dark side to those who were unable to join the long queues - by PSC and friends.

Leading to the homes of those in need was Noodle Russell who has always assisted charities on the dark side.

At one home they were met by a shock situation where a very sick 37 year old Thai lady confined to her bed in a room where the elements – rain – wind and sun made it most uncomfortable even unbearable!

Noodle related this situation to her golfing friends and in 2 weeks some 45,000 baht was raised.

PSC Vice President Tim Knight was one of those who saw the situation for himself and at the following EC meeting it was agreed for PSC to match the 45,000.

With the 90,000 Noodle arranged for a basic house to be built – safe from all the elements and comfortable for a sick lady.

Organized by Charity Chair Noi Emmerson with a 25,000 baht donation by Pattaya Sports Club, on 22nd June provided some 200 food bags for the poor in Huai Yai. This was the 3rd time of such a gesture had been made.

Noi was helped by a number of friends who packaged and delivered the bags containing Rice, Fish Sauce, Eggs, Sardines and Noodles.

Pattaya Sports Club expresses their appreciation for the support from Huai Yai Municipality who assisted on this day.

Clearly at this time there are lots of deserving cases and PSC assist many.