Pattaya Sports Club donations

Pattaya Sports Club donates 30 Bikes 4 Tykes

Pattaya Sports Club Welfare Chairwoman Noy Emerson (4th right) and Bikes 4 Tykes program founder Rick Bevington (2nd left) present the last of the 30 bicycles to smiling youths at Wat Nongket Noi School.

The Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) delivered the last of the 30 bicycles it is giving out this year as part of its Bikes 4 Tykes program.

Welfare Chairwoman Noy Emerson and program founder Rick Bevington presented the bikes to smiling youths at Wat Nongket Noi School Feb. 21.

A week earlier, the group delivered nine bicycles to Wat Nongket Yai School and, earlier, another 12 bikes rolled into Pattaya School No. 4. In all this school term, Bikes 4 Tykes donated 30 bicycles worth a total 50,000 baht.

Bevington started Bikes for Tykes 18 years ago, growing from three bicycles to 30 given away each year. To date, the program put smiles on the faces of more than 400 youngsters.

All the bicycles come with a bell and a helmet for the rider. The tykes also get a safety lesson and test drive before taking possession of the two-wheelers. And they’re also taught how to make minor adjustments to such things as the seat and brakes.

Safety is the number one message given to the students who received the bikes.

Pattaya Sports Club donated other 9 bicycles to Wat Nongket Yai School.

Welfare Chairwoman Noy Emerson emphasizes children must wear helmets, otherwise police will catch them or they can get seriously hurt.

Little children pay their respects and say thank you to Pattaya Sports Club and Rick Bevington.

Rick helps adjust a bicycle seat to fit the rider.

Teachers and lucky students say thank you.

Pattaya Mail’s Nutsara Duangsri teaches a student how to safely ride a bicycle.


PSC donates funds to build new school restrooms

The Pattaya Sports Club Association donated 115,000 baht to renovate and rebuild new restrooms at Ban Khao Chee Chan School.

Club President Peter Malhotra together with VP Tim Knight, Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emerson and PSC GM Ingkarat Chaimongkon presented the new modernized restrooms to Principal Pakphum Phumisart Nov. 28.

Pakphum previously had requested assistance from the club to renovate the student restrooms, which are old with clogged pipes. The Najomtien school’s septic tank was also full, posing a health risk.

The plan called for the tank to be pumped, pipes cleared and replaced, new toilets and sinks installed and the restroom buildings painted and roofs repaired.

One row of toilets was renovated, while a second row was beyond repair. So the PSC committee decided to build from scratch.

On behalf of the students, sixth-grader Kanlaya Pokklang said, “we are delighted and thankful to the PSC for your generosity in overhauling our toilets”.

During their visit, the Sports Club delegation discovered that the school’s music room was under disrepair due to a leaking and dilapidated roof caused by termites. The PSC will put that project on its list of things to fund in the future.

Featured Picturs

1. VP Tim Knight, Ingkarat Chaimongkon, Peter Malhotra, Pakphum Phumisart and Noi Emerson with a teacher and the kindergarten children at the handover ceremony.

2. Children wash their hands with clean water. Some renovation work still needs to be done.

3. The PSC team inspect the deteriorating music room.

4. The PSC team, teachers and children pose for a photo in front of the renovated restrooms.

BYLINE: Jetsada Homklin

Credit : Pattaya Mail PSC were a generous sponsor with this event.

PSC donates bed-linen and pajamas to children at Sotpattana School for the Deaf

Lovely children say thank you to their benefactors.

Pattaya Sports Club President Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra, together with Noi Emmerson, Charity & Social Chair and GM Ingkarat Chaimongkon, visited the Sotpattana School for the Deaf August 29 to make a presentation of various necessary items in support of the school.

On arrival they were welcomed by Rev. Fr. Michael Weera Pangrak, Executive Director of the Pattaya Orphanage who invited the guests to watch a special performance by the deaf children entitled ‘Telling stories with signs’.

Chotiwan said, “While the students’ sign language skills have continued to improve and their confidence boosts, the participants had a lot of fun and learned many lessons from them.”

After a most impressive and emotional performance, Fr. Weera led his guests on a tour of the school showing them the educational and recreational facilities.

The PSC has for many years set a budget to help and support the Pattaya Orphanage with their needs and on this day the team came to make an official presentation of stainless steel railings installed along 3 flights of stairs which were urgently needed to ensure the children’s safety as they climb up and down the stairs.

The guests also visited the dormitory to look at the 30 brand new bedding sets, including 60 sets of pajamas (2 per child) donated by the PSC.

Sotpattana School for the Deaf is a private charity school affiliated with the Office of the Private Education Commission, Ministry of Education of Thailand, providing free-of-charge instructions based on the national standard pre-elementary education curriculum.

The School was officially set up on 6 October 1982 by Rev. Fr. Raymond Allyn Brennan, an American Redemptorist priest.

The PSC committee together with Fr Weera teachers and children express their love for each other.

Situated in the same compound as the Pattaya Orphanage, the school has a two-storey building with classrooms for day students in kindergarten levels 1 and 2. In 2001, the School expanded its services to cover children in kindergarten level 3. The School opens on weekdays from 8:30 to 15:30. Male and female children aged 3-9 years old are accepted. They can be either day students or boarders. Supporting funds for the overall administration come from the Pattaya Orphanage, government subsidy to disabled students, including contributions from the children’s parents and charity organisations in the community.

The kids have a great time telling stories with signs under the guidance of Teacher Chotiwan Suksamran.

Credit : Pattaya Mail.