THE BUNKER BOYS @ Prow and Pan’s


The Bunker Boys is one of the oldest Golf Societies in Pattaya having been organising regular golf competitions for over 25years. The Bunker Boys play out of Prow and Pan’s Bar located on Soi Skaw Beach (saisong 9) between Second Road and Soi Buakhao every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (The location is easily recognised by the Bunker Boys Sign). We play all the local courses that are reasonably priced so it means that high end courses like Siam and Chee Chan are not on our regular schedule.

People interested in playing should sign in latest by 9.30am on the morning of play with players departing at 9.40am, normally for an 11am tee off. Tea and coffee are available for early arrivals.

The number of tee times booked will depend on the time of year with a maximum of 8 (32 players) and entries will be accepted for the number of tee times available. If more people turnup, it will depend on the availability of transport and a phone call to the course to see if they can accommodate the additional players.


Usually enough players have vehicles and are willing to transport players to and from the golf venues. In the event there is insufficient transport a minibus will be hired.

Club Storage

There are lockers at the bar which are available to store golf clubs. Most of these are leased out on an annual basis on a first come first serve basis with a few available for short time hire. The limit is one locker per person.

The Lockers are for the storage of Golf and associated equipment. Strictly no food or dirty clothes.

The Golf Society or Prow and Pan’s will not accept responsibility for items that may go missing or become damaged.



The Bunker Boys Society is open to all, and actively encourages new participants (although players are expected to be able to play to a 36 handicap). There are no fees for joining the Bunker Boys, however the club is associated with the Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) and all players are encouraged and expected to be members of the PSC to avail of the handicapping system and the discounts at the various Golf Courses and Pattaya locations negotiated by the PSC. Occasionally a golf course may request to see the PSC membership card to qualify for the discounted green fee price, if the player is not a PSC member, he will be required to pay the standard green fee. New players and short-term visitors are allowed a maximum of 3 initial rounds but are expected to join the PSC as soon as possible within that time.


The club uses the PSC for handicaps following the WHS (World Handicapping System) and handicap updates are issued daily according to the WHS. The club submits all cards to the PSC after each game. All players are expected to become PSC members and have WHS handicap.

The maximum handicap for a Bunker Boys competition is 36. If playing on a course with indexing 1 to 9 instead of 1 to 18 players with odd number handicaps receive the extra stroke on the back nine.

Where a player has more than one handicap index, he must play off the lowest one

In the spirit of the game it is expected that Honesty and Integrity will prevail at all times.

Rules of Golf

All Bunker Boys Competitions strictly follow the Rules of Golf as published in January 2019 by the R&A and USGA. These had a number of changes which made several previous Local Rules redundant. In addition to any Local Rules issued by the Golf Course the Bunker Boys adopt the following Local Rules.

  1. No free relief can be taken from Ants.

  2. Drop zones will not be used except for: The 1st hole on the Mountain Course at Laem Chabang, and the 14th hole at Pleasant Valley. In each case the Ladies Tee maybe used.

  3. Relief must be taken from staked trees and young trees (not bushes) less than 2 metres in height and from regularly maintained, cultivated flower beds.

  4. In the interests of saving time a provisional ball may be played at any time (unless availing of option under point 11 below). If the original ball is found the player must continue with the original ball.

  5. Where water hazards are not marked, they should be treated as lateral hazards (red stakes). The break of slope or edge of mown area should be taken as the hazard margin.

  6. Washed out areas, areas of excessive water damage and obviously abnormal ground conditions may be treated as Ground Under Repair subject to agreement of the marker

  7. Rule 6-8, A player may discontinue play and take shelter during heavy rainstorms as well as danger from lightning.

  8. It is the players responsibility to ensure that Bunkers are properly repaired after playing from them.

  9. Under Rule 16.1c Free relief may be taken from Human damage (footprints etc) in Bunkers. A ball can be dropped at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole (This does not apply to lines left by mechanical rakes or damage caused by the player them self).

  10. 11. The USPGA suggested Local Rule for stroke and distance relief for Balls Lost or Out of Bounds can be used. Where a ball is lost or out of bounds instead of playing a provisional ball a ball may be dropped behind a line equidistant to the hole from the position where the ball is lost or goes out of bounds and a point two club lengths onto the nearest part of the fairway.

Where decisions on the Rules of Golf are required these will be decided by the Rules Committee currently Tony Robbins, Geoff Parker and Mike Brett.


A competition is held each outing with prizes for the winners and nearest the pin on the par three’s. The club usually plays the Stableford format, however there are usually a medal round or Rainbow played each month. Competition will usually be played from the tees one in front of the back tees however on very long courses the tees closest to 6,500 yards will be used.

Score cards must be returned latest by 6.45pm and presentations are at 7.00pm. It is expected that all players will return to Prow and Pan’s for the 7pm presentation. Players must be present to collect prizes unless there is a valid reason for the absence. Where a golfer is not present the winnings will go to the “Delinquent Fund”, which will be used to provide a free drink to playing members when sufficient funds have accumulated. Once the presentation is complete it is final and there is no redress should an error be found to have occurred. Competition results are regularly reported on the website,, on the PSC website, in the local press and on Facebook Bunker Boys Golf Society Pattaya.

Daily Competition

The daily competition costs THB 220. All players with a recognised handicap are expected to pay the fee and play in the competition, players without a recognised handicap mayl only play in the nearest pin competition


In the event a competition is tied it will be decided by Count back. Last 9 holes played, last 6, last 3, last hole, if still equal go back hole by hole from 18th.

Hole in One

Any player scoring a hole in one receives a trophy and is expected to buy a drink for all members playing that day.

Golfer of Month

For each competition scores go towards the Golfer of the Month Trophy. All rounds are entered with the best 6 to count. In event of a tie the next best score counts.

At end of each month the winner receives a trophy and the society will provide a free round of drinks to all players present.

Adverse weather conditions

From time to time adverse weather conditions affect the golf courses and may result in “Winter Rules” being applied. The usual guide is when Golf Carts are not allowed on the Fairway due to adverse conditions Winter Rules may apply. Winter Rules are lift, clean and replace within 6inches, on closely mown areas only.


People seeking additional information should check the website or call either of the following:

Tony 0841404139
Mike 0943683580
Jimmy 0876937803
Geoff 0817882338