PSC Charity Work continues despite Covid

Even though the Charity golf day in January to support the Kru Boonchu Special Needs Foundation had to be cancelled because of the second Covid outbreak we have still managed to provide most the items they so desperately needed. A generous donation from Todd and Nok Givens from monies raised at their Charity Golf Event in February provided a new treadmill and a secondhand exercise bike for the disabled kids to exercise safely, previous funding provided a portable speaker system and Sandy from the Billabong Resort and Golf Bar kindly donated a jackplug microphone to go with an amplifier system they already had been given.

A great response to the clothes bank appeal has given bags of new and used items.

Founder Khun Chu trying out the new treadmill kids enjoy karaoke on the new sound system.

Sports Events Chairman Glyn Davies making the presentation to Khun Chu on Thursday 12th March.